Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reporting for Du-u-u-u-u-ty!

Town & Country member and Durham Council of Garden Clubs’ Marty Warburton had reached an impasse with the ivy ground cover in her yard. The Goat Patrol’s signs had been visible at various times along Rugby Road, and Marty arranged to have the herd come and see what it could do about her ivy.
The goat herd arrived one hot July morning and set to work, but soon things went awry. The goats had quickly uncovered a hive of ground-dwelling bees of particularly nasty disposition, and just as quickly and in the interest of self-preservation, they disregarded the portable fence that concentrates their efforts in a particular area. The ensuing melee prompted an unprecedented (but completely successful) goat roundup along Plymouth Road.
Marty set to work on her new intermediate chore: getting rid of the bees in an environmentally safe yet effective way so that the Goat Patrol (each member of which knows its name) could return to duty.
Soon the bees were banished, the goatherd brought his charges back to the Warburtons', and the goats began their munching in earnest. These pictures are courtesy of neighbors Alex and Mary Denson.
Meet the individual goats at They each have an interesting story.

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