Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 more Garden Questions.

 Since the last blog I received 2 e-mails about garden problems.
We have questions but WHO HAS AN ANSWER. Send to me
or post in comments. If I get I will post on the blog.  As you see no last names but when you get the yearbooks at the Sept meeting you will beable to contact the person with the problem and help them privately.

As a transplanted "northerner" I am still having trouble with plants for drought (both shade and sun}.  Any suggestions?  Maybe we could make up a list to distribute to the garden clubs in our council?

Thanks for your help.

Lil W, Garden Makers

Can someone help ?

My garden in Durham has weathered the very hot summer this year, except for my lovely 3 feet wide daphne and my gardenia tree.  I tried to keep watering them but they have just withered and are looking very sad.  What other flowering shrubs should I try that will withstand both high temperatures and some snow in the winter ?
 June F, Forest Hills Garden Club

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