Friday, September 25, 2009

Keep America Beautiful

This is from Jane Barbot about the State law on Plastic Bottles

I just wanted to update you on some more information about the new law that goes into effect on Oct 1st.  I was at the Keep America Beautiful meeting Wednesday (today) in High Point and asked the man from Department of Natural Resources (DENR) about some of the questions you asked me Monday at the GCNC, Inc. Fall Board Meeting.  There is also a front page article in the N&O today quoting him also about this new law. I have listed the address to open and read this.
The whole plastic drink bottle can be recycled with the top left on.  A good way to get more bottles in your recycling container is crush and put top back on bottle so it will not regain its original shape.  (They will undo themselves from crushing if you don’t put the cap back on them.  They have “memory”.  The caps are removed in the recycling process.  The wrappings around the bottles also come off in this process.
Bottles that are recyclable are the ones that have the small neck.  Square juice bottles are not recyclable.
Also, oil filters are named in the same law along with wooden pallets.  But I’m not sure any of us have those items around the house.
So far there are not in place any fines for finding these plastic bottles in your personal trash.  They are depending on the “good will” of the people to recycle these items.  If necessary, the law does say it is against the law and fines can be put into place.  It is most important to keep these items out of the land fields.
A new plant is being built in Fayetteville, NC that will take these recycled bottles and turn them too useful materials.  These bottles are a resource for lots of things.
Please share this with your club presidents and also you can help if people bring this up at your district meetings.
Open the news link below and read this article.  Just copy and paste in your internet search file.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clubs with things to sell

Croasdaile Garden Club is having a Pansy Sale.  The deadline is Friday, Sept. 18, The contact person is Suzanne F (look in Council Yearbook) The flats are $12 each and will be delivered to Croasdaile for individual pick-up during the first week of October. Thanks. Anita Holton

Heritage Garden Club is having a raffle on a seed packet quilt. The drawing will be at the District 9 meeting Oct 7th at Duke Gardens. You can buy you chance there or from any Heritage member (See Council Yearbook) $2 each or 3 for $5.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Registration for District 9 meeting

If you go to 4shared the link below you can download the District 9 meeting registration.
I don't have a way to attach the form directly here. This is not a true website with all the capabilities of a website.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meeting Sept 1st at Hill House

All clubs were represented at an exciting meeting chaired by Jean. There was coffee and donut holes for added flair.
The Landscape design course needs more people to sign up....PLEASE come even if you don't want to take the class for credit. Oct 1-3.. Duke Gardens... call Alice at Duke ASAP.
Marty needs helpers or pages for the District 9 meeting Oct 7. Call her and offer to help.
STATE FAIR is Oct 15-24. Participate and do an arrangement. and let the blog know you have entered so we can go photograph it.