Monday, August 29, 2011

Johnson County Community College- UPCOMING EVENTS

I get e-mails from Johnson County and their activities.  I thought some of these were great and wanted to share with you.

Our workshops and trips are already filling -- here's what's coming up for September!  Remember, reservations are needed!! Please call Lin Frye (919) 209-2052 or Minda Daughtry (919) 209-2184 to reserve your spot.  Reservations must be paid to confirm your seat.

September 2011

9/7 - The Gardens of AJ Bullard, Duplin County, NC
Arboretum Mobile Unit - 8:30 - 3:00 pm - $15.00 - Lunch on

AJ Bullard has been an avid plant collector for years.
He was featured in the June 2011 issue of "Horticulture"
magazine. From fruit trees to ornamental plants, his
gardens are filled with delightful discoveries, multitudes of
species variety, and unusual plants - all are sure to delight!

9/17 - Apple Festival, Historic Bethabara Park/Old Salem, Winston-Salem
Arboretum Mobile Unit - 8:30-5:30pm - $15.00 - Lunch
on Own.

Bethabara is the 1753 site of the First Moravian
settlement in NC. The festival will showcase unique crafts,
traditional music & food. Local orchards, handicraft
demonstrations, & colonial re-enactors highlight this
festival, as do horse-drawn wagon rides & colonial games.
Following lunch, we'll have a bit of time for a self-guided tour
of Old Salem Gardens. These gardens have been meticulously
restored to offer a glimpse of what early Moravian settlers
cultivated and consumed. Each garden has been restored and
planted to a specific date, and Old Salem Museums & Gardens
has one of the leading horticultural restoration programs in the

9/21 - Preserving the Bounty: Dehydration and Canning
Arboretum Brick Building - 6:00-8:30 pm - $25.

Foods are often preserved by freezing and canning, but few
consider dehydrating to avoid soggy vegetables and freezerburn.
Foods taste fresher, require less space, and are
more nutritional! Join Lin Frye as she demonstrates this
alternative preservation method. Participants will have an opportunity to sample
home-dehydrated foods and several recipes. We'll also discuss canning methods for
those who prefer this method of preservation.  Come hungry!

9/28 - UNC-Botanical Garden - Chapel Hill
Arboretum Mobile Unit - 8:00-3:00 pm - $15 - Lunch on

The North Carolina Botanical Garden is a "conservation
garden" that is designed to "inspire understanding,
appreciation, and conservation of plants in gardens and
natural areas and to advance a sustainable relationship
between people and nature." It features plants from the three
geographic regions of North Carolina, fabulous herb and medicinal gardens, and
much more.

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