Friday, August 5, 2011

Christmas Is Coming! Prepare Now

Now is the time to go into your garden, your neighbor's garden or the highways, byways and fields to collect and prepare Nature's Bounty for use throughout the Holiday Season. A beautiful book that will get your creative juices going is Evergreen Decorating with the Colours of the Season by John Grady Burns. John Grady Burns is an Atlanta based author, instructor and floral designer. Upon graduation from Mississippi State University, his professor recommended him to work at the White House, Blair House, the President's Official Guest House, and selected Embassies. He moved to Memphis then Atlanta after leaving Washington, DC. Today he owns Flora, a design and event company in Atlanta. The designs in Evergreen use evergreens and plant material around us, no exotic material. It is just his eye that gives it a special touch. For example, one design uses Joe Pye Weed, Osage Oranges, Hollies we have around us to make an arrangement for dining room table or sideboard. The same design is also shown with the addition of flowers to evidence the difference a change of plant material can make. The designs shown in this 5 star Amazon rated book are for inside and outside our homes. I bought this book when it first came out last Fall and have enjoyed it without being aware of its rating. The rating is justified. The book is worth it price. Just the lush color will please you. Written by Ardith Pugh, HE

Would you go to a book signing and demonstration in the area if it were FREE?

Comments please. Click on the symbols is for comments. We are working on having John Burns come to the Piedmont soon

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