Thursday, August 25, 2011

NATURE'S SYMPHONY—watercolors by David Stickel

NATURE'S SYMPHONY—watercolors by David Stickel September 1 - October 30 / Reception: September 11, 2 pm

"As I study botanical life, I never cease to be amazed with the beauty, order and complexity of the natural splendor before me. One of the many challenges I respond to as an artist is to capture and portray these wonders in the watercolor medium. These images intrigue my artist's eye as they speak volumes to my heart."

David Stickel's work has received numerous awards and Best of Show honors. A Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society, he is currently a candidate for signature membership in the American Watercolor Society (AWS). One of David's painting, "Light Years," received one of the top awards in the 2011 144th AWS International Exhibition in NYC; it is his second piece to be selected for an AWS exhibition and traveling exhibit. His paintings have also been reproduced in several books and magazines. David Stickel's website.


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