Friday, February 24, 2012

Sharing my newsletters of interest

I get many great newsletters which I use to share ideas and information. Rather than take bits and pieces of information I thought you might enjoy the full newsletters yourself.  You can write and get on their list if they are writing about
your passion and want to stay current with their store, garden or educational resources.

The Little Herb House sells and educates in a great fun way everything you need to know about herbs.  Spring is coming and they have some great activities.

The NC Botanical Gardens is just down the road at UNC and they have tours, classes, books and more.  Check out their website for their classes and special events.  It you haven't been recently you really should take a tour this spring.

Of course you can't miss Sarah P. Duke Gardens.  I give some of my extra time
to this garden so it is special to me.  We docents (as we tell the children the meaning of "docent" is don't get paid)  are in the middle of our winter training and while walking in the gardens yesterday, I saw the buds a growing.
This will be spectacular in another month.  Oh I found out there are over 250 volunteers at Duke Gardens and if your knees are gone you still can be part of the gardens.  Call them if you are interested in joining a great group of people.

I received another newsletter this week from Habitat of Humanity.  They have Women Build and are preparing to build a 6th home by women.  They came to a Council meeting recently and I hope some of us can support their efforts. The Women Build Kickoff will be Tuesday, March 20 at 6 pm at the Hill House.

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