Monday, February 27, 2012

Easter Baskets for the Vets at the Durham VA

Every year I decorate the VA Hospital Chapel with poinsettias and ask my garden club to help.
The Durham VA was so excited and thankful this year that I thought I would do the decorating of the chapel for Easter.  People from the community, hospital patients and employees use the chapel daily.
For Easter I thought we could satisfy two requests of the VA hospital volunteer staff.  They have sent a list of needs and one project they need help with is the gardens for the assisted living patients.  These patients maintain the garden but they need plants.

By using small plants in baskets in the Chapel the long term patients can then plant them in their garden. This is a therapeutic program that gives the Veterans the opportunity to reminisce on past gardening and/or farming experiences and fosters a sense of purpose and responsibility through the planting, growing and caring of plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers.

I ask the members of DCGC to help me purchase these plants.  There will be 5 baskets.
one for each branch of the service.  On Saturday before Easter we will take the baskets and deliver them to the Chapel.  I could use one or two extra people to help me make up the baskets.  This can be done any day between Palm Sunday and that Saturday.

Can I count on you to cheer the Vets at the Durham VA for Easter and again all summer with the planting of the herbs, vegs and flowers for them to eat and enjoy?  Any amount would be a help.  You can give me a check or cash at the March DCGC meeting or mail me Marcia L at Heritage Garden Club in the yearbook.

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