Thursday, February 2, 2012

Educate Yourself!

Educate Yourself!
Join us for
classes and workshops at our
Durham and Charlotte locations.
 All classes begin at 10am.
 Call and sign up now!
Feb. 4 & Mar. 3
"How to Plant a Premium Rose Garden."
Interested in learning how Witherspoon plants a rose?  Join us for a detailed demonstration of what it takes to plant a bareroot rose.
Feb. 18 & 25
"Prune Your Roses Right!"  Pruning your roses is one of the most important, but intimidating tasks that is part of proper rose care.  It takes a steady hand and the right procedure to ensure the best possible growth for your rose bush.  Let Witherspoon demonstrate the best way to prune your roses.
Mar. 17
"Fertilizing:  a Jumpstart for Your Roses."
Fertilizer is the fuel roses need to produce those blooms all season long!
Mar. 31

"Spice Up Your Life with Herbs:  An Herbal Workshop!"
Learn the basics of starting your own herb garden.  $20 fee includes creating your own dish garden with organic herbs.

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