Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ardith's Jottings

What We Learn From Gardening

We learn patience.  We plant. We water.  We feed. We wait.  We weed. We wait again.  We wait for rain, for sun, for growth, for the rain to stop.    We learn perseverance.  We move forward in the garden even when problems occur.   We continue on when the weeds seem to be winning.  We even learn from the weeds.  We learn that it is better to nip them when they are young than to postpone the chore. Any problem is more manageable in the beginning stages rather than letting it grow.  Nipping it in the bud saves more time and effort later.  Plus doesn't it give your spirits a lift to look at that clean bed.  Clearing the weeds from your flower beds gives you instant satisfaction--they're gone!  No waiting for results.  We learn faith.  The act of planting is an exercise in faith.  Faith that it will grow, flourish and reward our efforts.  We learn to dream.  We dream as we look at plant catalogs deciding what we are going plant next season.  We dream as we look at the winter landscape visualizing it bursting forth with all these glorious plants.  Gardeners are dreamers.  We share our dreams with all who see our gardens. 

Council Awards

Time is running out.  Remember to get your Council Award forms to me shortly.  The information  is in your Council Handbook.  It's a chance to brag about your club has done  and get some money for your treasury to support your activities for the coming year.  It's a win-win.  Pat yourself on the back and win cash for your club!

September State Board Meeting Plans Move Ahead

The Executive Committee for the Fall State Board Meeting is busy planning this exciting event.  They are working to make it an enjoyable and productive meeting.   In fact, we are inviting you to participate in some of the activities even though you are not planning on attending the meeting.  We hope you will visit our vendors and see their outstanding and unique items.  Visit the Trash and Treasure table and participate in the Silent Auction. 

Some items have been received for the Trash and Treasure table and the Silent Auction.  We have received artwork,  a fabulous Christmas tree skirt with matching table runner (from the Frontgate Catalog), and floral containers BUT we NEED YOU!  We need you to work on a committee, to be a page, to donate items for the Trash and Treasure table and/or the Silent Auction; we need you to participate

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