Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Garden Programs at the Library

These three programs are free to the public and are at the East Durham Library. This new library is very easy to find. From even the farthest part of Durham, the southwest, you can be there in about 10-15 minutes by taking 15-501 North to 85 nNorth to 70 East to 98 East (also called Holloway St. or Wake Forest Highway). The library is on 98, just a few minutes on your right--you'll see a brick building with lit up windows in which you can see rows of bookcases--no sign necessary. Pull in just past the library and the building entrance is on your right, behind the building. The cozy auditorium is on the right as you enter. There will be refreshments provided by the library, I'll be giving away free copies of some of the magazines I write for (first come, first served) and for most of the programs there will be door prizes from local garden centers (thanks for Stone Bros. and Byrd Garden Center for last months free bags of organic fertilizer.

Thursday, January 12-- Attracting Birds and BUTTERFLIES to Your Garden
What could be better than a garden where some of the flowers can actually take flight and liven things up? Discover which earthbound flowers attract the flying flowers--birds and butterflies--to your garden. And learn why some of the flashy "New!New!New!" flowers touted in catalogs and magazines may not be the best choice.

Thursday, January 26 Gardening Tips that Save Time, Save Money, Save Your Back and Save the Earth Too

Would it be easier to enjoy your garden if you didn't feel enslaved by it? You can learn how to have great gardens while spending less time working in them. And more time relaxing in them. Save some money and the planet while you're at it.

Thursday, February 9th Growing Herbs in the Kitchen Garden

Fresh herbs thrown into the dinner pot are reason enough to have them growing in your garden. But they're also evergreen, fragrant, drought hardy and the deer don't like them. Herbs are good for the garden even if you eat out every night. Learn how best to grow them, both in the ground and in pots.

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