Monday, January 16, 2012


The holidays are over and I finally took the antlers and red nose off of my car.  Now I can’t find it in the parking lot!!  I hope all of you had a pleasant Christmas and New Year.  Now to put away ALL the decorations!  It’s time to gear up for 2012 .

            I will be sending out my Call Letter for the April 27-May 1 GCNC Annual Meeting in early February, so put it on your calendar now.  Asheville is planning a wonderful event.  More information will follow in the letter and in the March Newsletter.


            Lynne needs more information for our new website.  When you have a flower show, Blue Star dedication, special Christmas decorating event (Emma Harris GC take note), poinsettias at the VA hospital (Heritage GC take note) I SENT IN ON DEC 8th  also events from Hope Valley, Homestead Heights and Garden Makers) etc., please send in a picture or pictures for the site.  You do not have to put club members names if you do not wish to.  But you need to include club name, district, town, date of activity and what kind of activity it was.

            For the calendar----When your club has an event, like a flower show, please send in the information to Lynn so she can put it on the calendar.  We want to make our website as helpful and full of information as we can.  I sent this to Lynn too

The First Garden Club of North Carolina Ornament

            I am pleased to announce that GCNC now has a special ornament for sale that was made expressly for us.  It is beautiful.   I have a sample copy and I am thrilled with how good it looks.

            The 2012 issue will be the first of a series.  It is a Baldwin brass round ornament with dogwoods around the side and a red cardinal that is in relief.  On the reverse side it says “Made especially for GCNC” with the date of 2012.  

The cost will be $20 and they will be available at the Annual Meeting in April in Asheville.

Darene Honeycutt, our Ways and Means Chairman, is in charge of this project and will be taking preorders for delivery at the Annual Meeting.  Shipping prices have not been fully determined at this time for those who would like it mailed to them.   There will be a limited number of these ornaments produced and no reorders will be made.

Mail your preorders to Darene Honeycutt, Hudsontown Rd., Dunn, 28334. For information: Phone-910-567-6283. for information

Engagement Calendar Photos

            Photos for the 2013 GCNC Engagement Calendar are due by January 31 to Ann Payne, 150 Southwood Park Rd., Mooresville, 28117.  I know 2012 has just started but we have to go to press in a timely manner in order to have the calendars for April. 


Important Dates for 2012

            January 25 Club Annual reports due to District Directors.

            January 31  Calendar photos due to Ann Payne.

            March 1  Youth Awards, dues and rating sheets due to State Youth Chairman, Ginny Parker.

            March 6 Davidson Horticultural Symposium

            March 16 Arbor Day

March 25-27  SAR Annual Meeting, The Greenbrier in West Virginia.  Registration forms are on the SAR and GCNC Websites.

March 31 Dues due to GCNC office in Raleigh.

            April 29-May 1  GCNC Annual Meeting, Asheville.  Registration form will be in the Call Letter mailed in February and on the GCNC Website.  Form is not available at this time.

            May 17-20 National Garden Clubs Annual Convention in Buffalo, NY.  Registration form available on the NGC Website.

            Sept. 23  GCNC Annual Fall Board Meeting inDurham.  Registration form not available at this time.

            There is further information and dates on the GCNC website about some of the above.  The Davidson Horticultural Symposium has a link on the website.

2012 District Meetings  Listed by date not district 

            Oct. 3 District 2, Morganton                                   

            Oct. 4 District 1, Tryon

            Oct. 5 District 3, Charlotte

            Oct. 9 District 10, Raleigh

            Oct. 10 District 12, Wilson

            Oct. 11 District 11, Jacksonville

            Oct. 12 District 8, Lumberton

            Oct. 16 District 9, Henderson

            Oct. 17 District 5, Greensboro

            Oct. 18 District 4, Winston-Salem

If any locations are incorrect the District Director should contact me immediately.

New Treasurer

            Some of you may be unaware that Dorothy Chin of Charlotte was elected as the Treasurer of GCNC at the Fall Board Meeting.  Welcome Dorothy.

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