Monday, January 23, 2012

EK Powe Elementary School received a grant thanks to Town and Country GC

First grade teacher Lynette Damon applied for, and received, a  $1,000.00 Windows of Opportunity grant from North Carolina Beautiful made possible by a donation from Town & Country Garden Club.

EK Powe Elementary School formed a Garden Planning Team in 2008 (teachers and parents) focusing on enhancing school-wide outdoor learning opportunities.  The North Carolina Beautiful grant they just won is intended to revitalize a space at the school known as the Peace Garden and make it a permanent part of the grounds.  It's a 1,000 foot area, and includes a 200 square food ground level garden plot (the site of that great picture), as well as a composting station and a rainwater cistern.  The monies will support construction of the infrastructure for The Peace Garden and create a permanent outdoor classroom for children, teachers and families for many years to come.  I'll also forward a picture of the front of the school, with raised beds they already have in play.

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