Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ardith's Jottings


Remember the time is nearing  to get your club award applications in for a well-deserved award.  I know your club has been busy.  So send in your award forms soon and your club may be be the happy recipient of the new and improved $50 award!

Changes, Changes,.....Something  old is new!

During December, it seemed  that I needed to do so many arrangements for so different organizations.  I soon became frustrated by the variety and quality of floral material available at my usual places.  I visited a place I had not visited in a long time, A Southern Season.   The floral department has changed!   The variety has expanded.  The quality has improved and they now carry some distinctive containers and accessories.

Below are some photos to show the "new" floral department .

The pearlescent  pierced ginkgo leaf vase is 19" tall and looks stunning alone.  Imagine how this would look in your entryway or on your hearth.  Bare branches would gain a whole new look.

This long piece of driftwood shown here dotted with airplants, would certainly add distinction to your arrangement-East or West.  It could be used horizontally as shown, vertically or angled.  It is a stimulus for the creative designer.  Smaller pieces of weathered driftwood are also available.

Visit  A Southern Season's floral department soon.  In fact stop by a shop which used to be an old favorite but you haven't visited in a while, they may have experienced some changes.

Trash and Treasure-Grove Park Garden Club first to contribute!

Remember our Council is responsible for the State Board Meeting, September 23,24,2012.   One of the features we will be offering is a Trash  and  Treasure table.   Contributions are needed.  Grove Park Garden Club's president, Jennifer Corser, made the first donation to the cause.  She generously contributed 2 distinctive Christmas ornaments.  Thank  you, Jennifer.

Remember the event as you are clearing out your closets.  Contact me at if you have any contributions.
Items with resale value at or above $25 will be offered at  a Silent Auction.  We are looking for not only items but for gift certificates for a Spa Day, Mani-Pedi, Landscape Consultation, Interior Design Consultation,etc.  A good  rule of thumb is , if you would happily buy the item, so would someone else.

We want to make this a memorable event.   We want the ladies to go home from the meeting talking about the great job we did.  So step up to plate and contribute.

Late Bulbs

Do you have some bulbs languishing in your refrigerator?  Get them out and into the ground.  The longer you keep them in your refrigerator, the later they will bloom and the less likely they are to have a full size bloom.  So give the bul;bs a chance.  Get them into your garden so they can grow, grow, grow.

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