Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Yummy Day Trip.

Levering Orchards, in Ararat, Va , just 10 miles north of Mt. Airy, NC , has its roots in North Carolina. This is the largest cherry orchard south of New York state. It offers more than 40 varieties of cherries. Most are sweet but there are 6 or 7 sour varieties. You can pick your own cherries now or go later in the season and harvest peaches and apples. Take a trip into the Shenandohah, fill your spirit with the glorious vistas and fill your buckets and stomachs with these delightful gifts from nature. Pick what you want for use now or for later use. They have books, pies and even an outdoor theatre. No need to purchase tickets in advance. Check for updated information about what is ripe and what is happening on the farm. Take your family, make this a field trip for a group of garden club friends or other like minded individuals, go and experience the gifts of nature!

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