Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Recommendations:

What do Master Gardeners do when they are not digging in the dirt? They write mysteries!
Joyce and Jim Lavene, Certified Master Gardeners, are a husband and wife writing team. Two of their series which I enjoy are The Potting Shed books featuring Peggy Lee, a botanist and the widow of a police detective, and the Duck, NC books with Dae O'Donnell, as the mayor of Duck, who has a talent for finding lost items. These books are published by Prime Crime. You get gardening tips, relationships -Peggy at 50+ still has "Oh, Mother" moments with her mother and she is adjusting to life as a widow. She is using her talents for another chapter of life.
Dae tries to deal with people who do not understand her talent, the boys who run her town and the incomers who see the town as theirs to exploit.
Rosemary Harris is also a Certified Master Gardener,plus she has been a volunteer at the Philadelphia Flower Show for the past 10 years! Her most recent book, is Slugfest featuring professional gardener, Paula Holladay. The murder takes place at a garden show held at the Javits Center in New York City. You know the writing is knowledgable with insights from her experiences. You many want to check out Pushing Up Daisies in paperback , if you do not want to buy Slugfest in hardback or cannot find it at your local library.

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