Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rain barrels! we know about them – we have them – but

Check out the National Garden Club web site. there are many interesting and important items for you to look over. This is just one item of interest. The photo I took while at the Edison/Ford gardens last winter in Ft. Myers FL.

Rain barrels! we know about them – we have them – but did you realize your rain barrel water is not subjected to community watering restrictions and it has no additives such as fluoride or chlorine
In colder climes you don’t have to store them in the winter.. But will need to keep the faucet open.
Don’t buy. . .build! Building a rain barrel can be a fun family and/or grand parent project. Let’s get the children outside away from technology. Building a rain barrel will teach youth a valuable life lesson - one doesn’t have to "buy"-- build is equally as important. You can find plans to build a rain barrel on line.
Rain barrels don’t have to be plain and unattractive- paint it! Have children create garden art with their handiwork– nice touch if the barrel remains outdoors during winter.. The rain barrel art will add winter interest during those long winter days.
And did you know Algae is not a problem. Algae is natural.. Using the collected rainwater that has algae won’t harm you plants.

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