Friday, September 5, 2014

Deer Tips from Witherspoon Rose Culture

Durham County is a happy home to hundreds of deer, scientific family Cervidae. Before your landscaping and home garden becomes a gourmet salad bar, here are a few repellent tips from Witherspoon Rose Culture's September 2014 newsletter. 
Helpful Hints
1)  Deer typically eat plants that are 12" or taller.
2)  Deer love to eat the tender new growth and blooms of rose plants.
3)  Be sure to use 2-4 different deer repellents and rotate products each spray round.
4)  Use deer resistant plants as a border around your garden to discourage deer damage.
5)  Install a deer fence.  Must be at least 6' or taller as deer are very good jumpers.
** The best, fool-proof repellent is the fence!
(Or call a hunter friend if you live outside city limits.)

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