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Speakers Bureau Topics Available for 2014-2015 Garden Club Programs

"Durham Gardening for Yankees" focuses
 on techniques like raised beds. Photo by Leanna Murphy Domo.
Garden Club Program Chairs have a wonderful resource at their fingertips in planning next year's programs - simply reach out the Durham County Extension Master Gardeners Speakers Bureau! 

Durham County Extension Master Gardener (EMG) Volunteers are gardening enthusiasts who complete advanced, research-based consumer horticulture courses developed by NC State University and volunteer 40+ hours annually. EMG Volunteers assist Durham’s Consumer Horticulture Agent, answering public questions, offering research-based advice and sharing horticulture knowledge.

The Speakers’ Bureau presentations and demonstrations listed below are FREE and can vary in length from 30-90 minutes. Content may be customized to fit the audience interests or talk length.
EMG talks are available for garden club, civic, faith, or workplace groups.
Program Chairs can contact EMG Nan Len: (919) 620-0226, email: to schedule their speaker events. (One program is available per club per year. Please offer two club dates to give the best flexibility to working and business-traveling EMGs.)
General Gardening Topics
  • Durham Gardening for Yankees – New in town? Learn about the Piedmont climate, soils, water, light and plants. 
  • Gardening 101 – New to gardening? Get off to a good start in the garden with these fundamentals.
  • Backyard Chickens – Build a coop, care for, and feed chickens in accordance with Durham County regulations.
  • How to Start a Community Garden – Want to establish a community garden, but don’t know where to begin? Here’s why, how and where to build a community garden. 
  • Gardening with Children – Learn ways to share your passion with the next generation of gardeners! We’ll suggest activities to help make gardening fun for all ages. 
  • Trees in the Urban Landscape – Locate, choose, and plant trees successfully in Durham County… and avoid common mistakes! 
  • Landscape Workshop: Creating Curb Appeal – Create a pleasing curb appeal design for your home using a few design basics. 
  • Rain Gardens – Understand, plan, and install a rain garden.
  • Tips and Preparation for a Spring Garden – Put together your spring gardening “to-do” list.
  • Attracting Birds, Bees, and Butterflies – Invite birds, bees, and butterflies into your garden. 
  • The Buzz about Bees – Learn the basics of beekeeping 
  • Worms in My Garden: Vermicomposting – Use worms to recycle organic materials into a valuable soil amendment for plants and crops. 
Beautiful Blooms and Beyond
  • Cultivating a Garden of Acid Lovers: Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and Camellias – Provide the perfect environment for these southern favorites.
  • Gardening with Native Plants – Discover the benefits of native plants, and then be inspired by a pictorial sampling of both shade- and sun-loving plants. 
  • Ornamental and Sensory Plant Design – Choose plants that will introduce emotions, symbols, and colors into your garden. 
  • Bloom Sequence – Choose and cultivate a variety of flowering plants that will provide color throughout the year. 
  • Plan and Plant a Cutting Garden at Home – Plan, prepare, and plant a cutting garden using annuals and perennials. 
  • Edible Flowers – Identify, grow, and prepare edible flowers. 
Remedies to Garden Dilemmas
  • Outsmarting the Critters: Deer, Moles, Ants, Rabbits, and other Creatures – Deter and manage pests through Integrated Pest Management techniques. 
  • Weeds: Friends or Foes? – Manage weeds effectively through proper identification. 
  • Dealing with Drought – Arm yourself with a variety of tools that will help you cope with drought.
  • Fire Ants – Learn all about fire ants and how to control them.
  • Deterring Deer – Utilize multiple approaches to garden successfully in “deer country.” 
Vegetables and Herbs 
From the novice to seasoned gardener, there’s a vegetable gardening talk for you! Choose from any of these talks:
  • Growing Vegetables and Herbs in Durham County 
  • Planning and Planting a Cool Season Garden 
  • Cool Season Vegetables (Spring and Fall Crops) 
  • Growing Culinary and Medicinal Herbs 
  • Love that Lettuce 
  • NC Sweet Potatoes: From Bed to Table 
  • Summer Southern Favorites: Tomatoes and Okra 
  • Crawlin’ Cucurbits: Gourds, Squashes, Pumpkins 
Container Gardening

Interested in gardening but you little space? Want to dress up your porch or patio? Do you like to have culinary herbs just outside your doorstep? There are many reasons to try container gardening!

Available talks include:
  • Container Gardening – Blooms, Herbs, and Vegetable
  • Container Gardening – Focus on Herb
  • Vegetable Gardening in Containers
  • Container Gardening and Water Container Gardening
  • Container Garden Design Around the World 

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