Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weed Prevention for Roses: Tips from Witherspoon Rose Culture

There are several methods for eliminating weeds. The recommended method of weed control for your rose garden is to hand-pick any existing weeds and apply a 3-4 inch layer of mulch. Witherspoon Rose Culture suggests our WRC Pine Mini-Nuggets. It is important to use mulch rather than pine straw as pine straw quickly compacts and breaks down causing too much acid in the soil for you roses. 

Pre-emergent herbicides, those that kill the weed by inhibiting germination of the seeds are less likely to damage a rose bush. These herbicides should be applied in early spring 3-5 weeks before weeds begin to sprout. 

Witherspoon's Suggested Pre-emergent Herbicides:

1) Treflan Weed and Grass Stopper $12.99
Many weed killers such as Round Up can seriously harm your roses. If used improperly, weed killer can stunt growth, kill the leaves and stalks of your rose bush, cause deformation of the plant and inhibit flower formation for an entire season. If you must use a post-emergent herbicide, choose a day with no winds to reduce possible damage due to drift. You can also paint on the herbicide to each individual weed rather than spraying. Or, you can try a more organic approach and use the product Burn Out II. Burn Out II is an organic oil based spray that kills weeds by causing the weeds to burn up in the sun.

Try Our Weed Bandit! A great tool that helps pull weeds for you in the garden.
Witherspoon's Suggested Post-emergent Herbicides:
1) Burn Out II organic weed and grass killer $10.99
2) Vantage Grass Killer $39.99

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