Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rose Care Calendar: Tips from Witherspoon Rose Culture

Rose gardeners can mark their gardening calendars with these tips and crucial dates (weather permitting!) from the experts at Witherspoon Rose Culture and reap hardy and gorgeous Rosa flowerbeds for 2014.

Rose Care Calendar
  • Apply dormant spray (Lime-Sulfur) to existing rose bushes 
  • Order your new bareroot roses online from Witherspoon to be shipped to you OR pick up your new bareroot roses in the Garden Shop
  • Begin planting bareroot roses
  • Prune existing roses
  • Plant bareroot roses
  • Apply Witherspoon Premium 2-in-1 Fertilizer or a quick-release fertilizer to established plants
  • Plant bareroot roses
  • Remove mulch, topdress with a 2" layer or cow manure and replace mulch
  • If you are not using Witherspoon Premium 2-in-1 Fertilizer, apply slow-release fertilizer now or continue monthly feedings of quick-release fertilizer through mid-August (or 6 weeks prior to expected frost.)
  • Continue planting potted roses
  • Continue spray program
  • Deadhead roses
  • Water weekly
  • Order new roses in October
  • Prepare new beds for planting
  • Order new roses
  • Every 2-3 years, have the soil tested and adjust the pH level to a range of 6-6.5

  • Cut back roses to "waist high" (About 3 feet)
  • Place mulch 6 inches high over the graft for winter protection
  • Order new roses

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