Sunday, October 27, 2013

Toxic Free NC Awards Beehive to the Briggs Avenue Community Garden

Briggs Ave. Community Garden.
Congratulations to Briggs Avenue Community Garden in Durham for being the winner of the Toxic Free NC 2nd Annual Save a Bee Beehive Giveaway!
Briggs Ave. Community Garden is located in an area of Durham where most children and families live at or below the poverty line. The garden is a place where food is grown for families and where community members fellowship, share skills and learn about pesticide-free gardening. Right now it has more than 40 community-maintained plots, but is expanding next year to accommodate even more gardeners. A beehive in the garden will add to its mission of educating local residents about organic gardening and help to grow even more healthy pesticide-free food for the Durham community. 

A total of 1,250 people voted in the statewide beehive contest. This was a close competition; the Briggs Ave. Community Garden earned just 21 more votes than the next popular garden. A total of 18 beautiful and amazing community garden nominees were submitted. The mission of each is to grow pesticide-free, healthy food and to educate their communities about organic gardening and the importance of protecting our pollinators.
Toxic Free NC's Save a Bee campaign was made possible with support from The Burt's Bees Greater Good Foundation.
Find out how you can help keep the buzz going for community gardening:

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