Tuesday, December 20, 2011

West Point on Eno - Homestead Heights

Homestead Heights has been decorating the McCown-Mangum House for many years.  All decorations are in the 1800’s style.  The crocheted snow crystals were made by a member, as well as the tree skirt.  Many of the other decorations are ones made with our children many years ago and donated to the house.  This year due to sickness, etc., there was just a skeleton group to do the set up.  They did well.  The open house ran Fri. and Sat. for two weekends.

Group pix:  l-r, standing: Judy, Esther, Doris, Audrey, Diane, Fran, Denise, Mina, Carolyn
l-r, sitting: Bernice, Mary Ruth, Helen, Cathy, Phonetta, Margaret
Of course, Laurie was taking the pictures.

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