Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lectures of Interest from Johnson Co Arboretum

Start your new year right - and join us for our January events:

1/11 - Landscaping with Herbs with Tim Elliot
Arboretum Mobile Unit - 6:30-8:30 pm - $15.

Horticulturally, herbs are ancient plants. Yet herbs have reached a new wave
of popularity as improved varieties, especially those that tolerate Southern summers, are being introduced. The era of relegating herbs to a square garden in the back corner of the
property has passed. Today herbs are being incorporated into our sweeping borders
of flowers and shrubs, taking full advantage of square foot gardening on properties
which seem to get smaller with the influx of suburbia! Why plant Liriope, when you
may plant chives instead? This lecture will share a plethora of ideas for incorporating
useful herbs throughout the landscape.

1/17 - Cooking with Herbs with Lin Frye
Arboretum Brick Building - 6:30-8:30 pm - $25.

Herbs are fun and easy  to grow - but sometimes folks are not quite sure how best to preserve and
use them. Join Lin as she shares ways to cook with various herbs - from appetizers, to main meals to desserts. Participants will have a chance to sample all recipes.

Classes fill quickly!  Please call Lin Frye (919) 209-2052 or Minda Daughtry (919) 209-2184 to reserve your spot today!

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