Monday, November 30, 2009

A BIG Thank You to everyone for the 148 Poinsettias for VA Hospital

These photos are not in order but show some of the work done today (Monday Nov 30) in decorating the VA Hospital in Durham with Poinsettias.

When we arrived at the VA Hospital the driver of the truck helped us get the poinsettias up to the 3rd floor chapel.

Along the side of the chapel are the windows complete with a prayer wall here. This is new this year to the VA Chapel.

At 8 this morning 6 members of Heritage went to the Poinsettia growers and picked out 183 plants of which 148 were for the VA Hospital in Durham. This is a pic of all the plants before loaded into the truck and delivered to the Hospital. A total of 11 members of Heritage Garden Club worked on this project today.

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There is not a single picture which will show all the poinsettias. This photo is of some near the alter.

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Project leaders: Dutton M - Project chairman, Marcia L - Heritage President, Jean G - Council President and Carol K - District 9 Director.

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Chaplain Oliver with Jean, Marcia and Carol.

Becky N putting saucers down as the plants find a home in the chapel.

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Arlene, Jean, Carol and Becky working on the tags preparing them to be attached to the plants.

The veterans at the VA Hospital will have a wonderful month with the chapel so festive.
As we don't have to pay for delivery all profits will go to Chaplain Oliver and his private flowers on the trays for Memorial Day fund.

Members of Heritage Garden Club

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