Friday, December 29, 2017

Garden Destinations - Triangle Gardener Sister Resource

About Garden Destinations
By Beverly Hurley, Publisher
The world is filled with beautiful public gardens and garden destinations waiting to be explored wherever your travels may take you. Garden Destinations Magazine is the online magazine for travelers who want to experience these gardens and destinations.
Whether it’s the showcase garden of the city, the off-the-beaten-path local favorite, or a don’t miss garden event, these public gardens are don’t miss destinations worthy of a visit for both the beauty and experiences offered in each.
Our writers, tops in travel and garden writing, will guide you on a journey to these unique gardens and garden events, give you insider tips, and help you make plans to include these destinations in your next adventure.  
Beverly Hurley, editor and publisher of Garden Destinations, is also the editor and publisher of Triangle Gardener magazine, North Carolina’s leader in gardening news and information. She started Garden Destinations as a result of her love of gardening and the realization that she was always seeking out public gardens when she traveled. As a result, she decided to spread the word that visiting public gardens should be part of the travel experience.

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