Friday, December 2, 2016

Poinsettia Project in Full Bloom at Durham Veterans Affairs Chapel

Members of the Heritage Garden Club (plus Council President Trish Stewart) transported 119 poinsettias into the Durham VA Medical Center the Friday after Thanksgiving for its annual Poinsettia Project. Members of the club will bring their own jugs of water each week through the holidays to keep the plants fresh until they given away to hospital patients after New Years.

Poster displayed of Service Members honored
with a poinsettia.
Poinsettias line the Durham VA Chapel.
The Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center is once again flush with over 100 poinsettias thanks to the Heritage Garden Club and its fellow members of the Durham Garden Clubs with its annual Poinsettia Project for Veterans.

Heritage Garden Club project organizers ordered two large poinsettias and 111 standard size plants, however, they were surprised by an additional six poinsettias donated by the Campbell Road Nursery, Inc. of Raleigh ( for a total of 119 plants. Seventeen of the poinsettias are located in the VA's CLC dining room and the rest are displayed in the chapel and vestibule.

"Campbell Road Nursery really have some of the best, and healthiest plants I have seen. They are big, full and vibrant," said Project Chair Marcia Loudon.

A couple of Durham garden clubs purchased half of the poinsettias in honor or memorial of services members.  The Forest Hills Garden Club ordered 25 poinsettias and Heritage Garden Club members ordered 27 plus the two large poinsettias.

Photos by Council President Trish Stewart.

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