Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Reminders from Keep Durham Beautiful

De-Band A Tree 

It's time to take the cankerworm tree bands down!
Please help keep our trees healthy by pitching in and removing bands you see near your home, work or school. Even if you didn't put it up--we encourage you to help take them down!

Canine Waste Ordinance: Pick it up, it's the Law!

Starting September 14, 2016 pet owners who do not clean-up after their animals can be fined $50-$150. This law applies to any public property, public right-of-way or private property without the permission of a private property owner. (This ordinance does not apply to a guide dog, service dog or hearing dog accompanying any person with a disability.)
Having a pet is both a pleasure and a responsibility. Not only do pet owners have a responsibility for the care, feeding and general welfare of their pets, they have a responsibility for protecting their community as well. That responsibility includes proper disposal of pet waste.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers pet waste a pollutant of water bodies and it is most often introduced into receiving waters by way of storm water runoff. Everyone must do their part to protect the quality of our storm water runoff.
Why should I clean up my pet’s waste?
Pet waste left on the ground increases exposure of you, your neighbors, and our community to bacteria, viruses and parasites. Those particularly at risk are other pets and children who play outside. Some of these bacteria, viruses and parasites are:
  • Fecal coliform - bacteria;
  • Salmonella - bacteria;
  • Hookworms, roundworms & tapeworms - parasites; and,
  • Toxoplasma gondii - virus.
What should I do?
Put pet waste in a plastic bag, seal it, and throw it in the garbage! Cat litter should be bagged and placed in the trash. Do not flush it down the toilet.

Get Involved
Durham County is holding an artwork contest for children in First (1st) - Eighth (8th) grades. Children can submit one (1) picture illustrating the theme "Clean Up After Your Canine or Face a Fine" from May 9-May 27. A winner will be chosen by the Board of Commissioners on June 6th. The winner's artwork will be featured as artwork for the Clean Up After Your Canine or Face a Fine campaign. For more information, please call the Public Information Office at: (919) 560-0000(919) 560-0000.
Artwork Contest Permission Form, Artwork Contest Flyer

What if pet waste isn’t picked up?

It’s bad for your health, our waterways, and potentially your pocketbook! There are laws in Durham County to protect our health and our environment which require pet waste to be picked up and disposed of properly.

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