Saturday, May 2, 2015

Books: The Paper Garden: An Artist Begins Her Life's Work at 72

The Paper Garden: An Artist Begins Her Life's Work at 72
Author:  Molly Peacock
Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA; Reprint edition (April 24, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1608196976
ISBN-13: 978-1608196975

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In 1772, upon the death of her second husband, Mary Delany arose from her grief, picked up a pair of scissors, and, at the age of seventy-two, created a new art form: mixed-media collage.

Over the next decade, Mrs. Delany produced an astonishing 985 botanically correct, breathtaking cut-paper flowers, now housed in the British Museum and referred to as the Flora Delanica.

Nest Fragrances and Laura Slatkin collaborated with
master perfumers to translate the works of Mrs. Mary Delany
into fragrances and adorn the products' packaging. 

As she tracks the extraordinary life of Delany—friend of George Frideric Handel and Jonathan Swift—internationally acclaimed poet Molly Peacock weaves in delicate parallels in her own life and, in doing so, creates a profound and beautiful examination of the nature of creativity and art. This gorgeously designed book, featuring thirty-five full-color illustrations, is to be devoured as voraciously as one of the court dinners it describes. 

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