Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 NC Wildflower of the Year: Fire-pink

Silene virginica Fire-pink
The North Carolina Botanical Garden and the Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc. are co-sponsors of the North Carolina Wildflower of the Year program. In 2011, the NC Botanical Gardens celebrated thirty years of this conservation project, which was initiated in 1982. The project's aim is to actively promote, each year, throughout the state and region an attractive plant that is native to the southeastern United States.

Silene virginica

Fire-pink (Silene virginica), is one of the most stunning native perennials of the eastern United States. A member of the carnation, or “pink”, family (Caryophyllaceae), fire-pink can be found throughout North Carolina and occurs in a variety of habitats from dry, open woods to stream banks to sunny roadsides. The name “pink” refers not to the color, but rather to the frilled edges of many flowers within this family (think of “pinking shears”).

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