Saturday, January 17, 2015

Witherspoon Rose's Witherspoon University Begins in February

Why Witherspoon University?
With more than 60 years of rose care experience, our Witherspoon team is the source for expert guidance. Classes are informative and relaxed. Questions are welcome and encouraged! Experience real-time demonstrations in the gardens at Witherspoon in Durham and Charlotte!

What Happens When I Finish the Course?
If you attend all five classes you will receive a Diploma PLUS a Graduation Gift of:
  • Atlas Gloves
  • A Vase
  • Vase Brace
  • $10 Gift Card from Witherspoon Rose Culture 
Only made it to 4 classes by December 5th? Don't worry... you will still receive a coupon for 20% off your entire regularly priced order! (Limit of one gift/coupon per family)
How Does Witherspoon University Work?
  1. Pick up a course booklet at one of the Witherspoon Garden Shop locations.
  2. Attend a total of 5 classes to receive 5 punches in your booklet.
  3. Once you reach 5 punches bring in your booklet to receive your Graduation Gift!
Joining in Mid-Year? Don't worry! There are 14 opportunities during the year to accumulate 5 punches.
Does Witherspoon University Cost Anything?
All Core Classes are FREE! Electives are the workshops, so the cost will be determined by the supplies needed for the finished product.

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