Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GCNC Considers Consolidating State Districts

Like much of corporate America that reorganized to streamline expenses the past decade, The Garden Club of North Carolina is now looking to create better efficiency with its resources. The following announcement is published on the GCNC website:
Proposal from the Organizational Study Committee:
The state of North Carolina to be divided into
 three (3) or (4) regions

This proposal is being presented as a project in the works for your consideration and for your information. The OS Committee shall write a proposal to be presented as an amendment to the bylaws at the Annual Meeting in New Bern [April 19-21, 2015].
  • Memberships are declining and the districts are finding difficulty in planning and executing district meetings.
  • Reducing the number of District meetings from 10 to 3 will reduce expenses for the Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc.
  • With fewer October meetings required, the number of qualified officers may be increased. Also this applies to the District Directors.
  • The expenses for Districts will be reduced.
  • The large amount of money that the GCNC spends on District meetings for officers could be better used.

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