Friday, June 13, 2014

Herbicide Help: Information About Pelargonic Fatty Acid Products

Crabgrass Digitaria sanguinalis can be killed organically
 by pelargonic fatty acid herbicides.
Photo by J.S. Corser, Durham Co. EMG.
Weed control comes in different forms. Organic remedies such as pelargonic fatty acid-based products may do just the trick for your home garden.
Pelargonic fatty acid are non-selective herbicides from modified plant oils and are OMRI certified. OMRI is the Organic Materials Review Institute  which determines approval for organic uses.
Pelargonic Fatty Acid Facts:
  • They function fast by burning and drying out leaf and stem surfaces on green plants.
  • They do not penetrate or harm woody portions of plants. 
  • These products are quite rain fast, may act as surfactants at very low rates for other systemic herbicides. 
  • By themselves they are do not translocate in plants and are locked tightly in soils. 
  • Replanting can occur quickly into soils on sites where they are used.
Marketed as Axxe by BioSafe, Scythe by Dow and generics marketed by varied distributors:
One Quart for $25.01 plus shipping
One Gallon for $69.99 plus shipping

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