Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Durham Bulb Blitz 2014 is here! Register your group by Jan. 30

Do you want to improve the appearance of your neighborhood street corner, park or community building facade?

Each year, Keep Durham Beautiful receives a quantity of donated bulbs. There are now  thousands of donated bulbs (mostly hardy and reliable daffodils) to distribute to community groups. They must be planted in the next few weeks. These bulbs arrived in January from nurseries that were unable to sell their full inventory.

To maximize the impact of the bulbs, we will be distributing only to groups this year. Groups may be: neighborhood, civic, faith-based, non-profit, service, scouts, schools, or just about any other community group you can think of that has volunteers available to plant bulbs in a space that is visible and can be enjoyed by the public to make Durham more beautiful.

We can’t wait to see the pictures of volunteers planting and eventually the beautiful bulbs that they nurture. We would like to thank Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful for facilitating this marvelous donation and Gardens Alive for making the donation worth thousands of dollars in the community. You’ll find guidelines and a link to our registration form below.

Guideline for the 2014 Bulb Blitz:
  • Register by Thursday Januray 30 deadline to enter the primary distribution
  • All Groups registered by this date will receive a chance to win a collection of bulbs
  • Winners must plan to pick up bulbs from Keep Durham Beautiful at 2011 Fay Street during business hours on one of two dates:
  • Friday January 31
  • Monday February 3
  • Bulbs bulbs should be kept cool and dry (not freezing, not in the refrigerator, not in warm house) such as a basement or protected garage
  • Bulbs should be planted by February 16 for best results
  • Bulbs must be planted by volunteers
  • Bulbs must be planted where visible from public streets or public spaces anyplace within Durham County
  • Pictures of volunteers planting and the bulbs blooming are requested!
2014 BULB BLITZ – Bulb Giveaway Groups Registration Form
Complete Form by Thursday Januray 30 to enter your Group:

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