Monday, March 25, 2013

Council Members graduate prestigious Sarah P. Duke Gardens Master Programs

Martha Sanderford (Heritage GC) and Helen Dennis (Homestead Heights GC) were the only two students to recently earn multiple certificates at the Sarah P. Duke Garden's Master programs on March 21. Martha earned all three certifications, and Helen earned two. Both women persevered over a four-year period to accomplish their goals with these Master programs, despite other commitments and personal challenges.
The following is a sampling of Sarah P. Duke Gardens Master Programs:

Master Naturalist Certificate program
Participants study the amazing natural resources and history of North Carolina, learning about plants, and geology, flora and fauna. Each student will understand more about how our earth functions and the services that nature provides.

Nature Photography Certificate program
Nature photography participants gain skill, knowledge and awareness in not only photographic skills, but also in observational skills and artistic talents. The photographs students produce are a combination of technical expertise and artistry. The images help students and their communities appreciate nature more fully.

Home Horticulture Certificate program
The horticulture certificate program allows participants to learn how their individual combination of gardens site, soil and climate will shape their garden choices. By using their own preferences as guides, students work to learn more about plants, horticulture skills, and maintenance skills to build and enjoy a thriving and beautiful home garden.

For more program information please contact:
Jan Little, Director of Education and Public Programs: 919-668-5309.

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