Tuesday, November 20, 2012


You are invited to join
Send A Greeting Electronically
Recognize Our Servicemen’s Every Sacrifice
Send your NGC Board Member friends or anyone an email greeting at Christmas – save the cost of the card and stamp.
Send $1.00 for each email greeting. Money collected will purchase Blue Star Markers.
Each participant will be an entry for their state. President Shirley will draw the winner at the May convention. All monies collected will be spent in the same year for the erection and landscaping of markers.
The Blue Star Marker program is the premier National project that advertises NGC’s name from coast to coast.
Be a three way winner:
*Remember your friends at Christmas.
*Remind the public that NGC is a nation-wide organization.
*Remember those whose sacrifices give us our many freedoms.
Send your check made out to “NGC Sage and Roses” to: NGC Headquarters
Lois Dupré Shuster
Sage and Roses Chairman

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