Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ardith's Jottings

Thanks to all Durham Council of Garden Club members the North Carolina Garden Club Fall State Board Meeting was an outstanding success!  I am hearing good things about it from east to west, north to south.  Everyone had a great time.   So give yourself a pat on the back!  As Co-Chair of the Event, let me add my thanks for your generous donation of time, effort, energy and goodies.  You are a superb group of ladies. It was a pleasure to work with you. We put on wonderful party!

Jenene Smith, 1st Vic President, Garden Club of North Carolina sent the following note which i would like to share with you.

"Dear Ardith, Mary and all the members of the Durham Council of Garden Clubs,

        Thank you all very much for a  wonderful Fall Board meeting this past weekend.  Everything was so well planned and executed.  The hotel was an excellent facility and the food was delicious.[kudos Jean]

Thank you also for my goodie basket of Durham products! That was a nice surprise.

         Yes, the Mad Hatter's Garden Party was a huge success and I enjoyed every minute of it.

          Thank you also for your warm hospitality that made me feel so welcomed.


     Jenene Smith"

  Remember, get out there and enjoy Fall.  Check out the various Fall/Harvest events in your community and throughout the State.  Have fun with the bounty and color Mother Nature has spread before us.

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