Friday, September 28, 2012

Pictures from Fall Board Meeting

  Member of Walking Roots placing bookmark on tables Monday morning
Ardith, Martha and Judy Barnes

The Durham Council of Garden Clubs held their annual state Fall Board Meeting last Sunday and Monday at the Durham Hilton Hotel, There were about 120 registered Federated Club members from all over North Carolina attending the "Mad Hatter's Garden Party"
The Durham Council of Garden Clubs put on the event and the attached photo is of Ardith P, a co-chairman, The White Rabbit, Martha S of Heritage GC and the state president, Judy Barnes, "The Mad Hatter".

SHOPPING top and  Ginny C, Mary D and Mina H volunteers bottom

There were many business meetings, workshops, vendors and much laughter and friendship.
As the Garden Club of North Carolina is dedicated to developing an interest in gardening with the youth of the area, one of the Jr. Garden Clubs "Walking Roots" did all the table decorations for Monday's luncheon and also made all the bookmarks.  Attached is a photo of one of the Walking Roots members placing a bookmark on one of the tables.

Honor Arrangements

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