Friday, July 20, 2012

Community Living Center Residents prove their thumb is green!

The Grown With Love Gardening Club (The resident's garden club at the Durham VA Hospital) is a therapeutic gardening group co-facilitated by Recreation Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  Any Veteran residing in the Community Living Center is welcomed to join in on the year-round fun.  This year the Veterans have planted sweet potatoes, squash, a variety of tomatoes and sweet peppers.  Watering, pruning and feeding, the Veterans have cared for the plants as a group and independently. 
The fun doesn’t stop there… once the vegetables are harvested, both the Grown with Love Gardening Club and the therapeutic cooking group are able to enjoy the benefits.  So far…the Veterans have been able to make fried green tomatoes, fresh salsa, and tomato sandwiches.  The Veterans also enjoy the vine ripened delicacies with their lunch and dinner.
The flowers and vegetable plants were donated to the Community Living Center by the Heritage Garden Club, March 2012.

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