Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ardith's Jottings:

Marcia Loudon Recognized

Marcia Loudon, who contributes so much to the Durham Council of Garden Clubs, the Heritage Garden Club and our State and National Garden Club, was recognized for her outstanding contribution at the Council Meeting on  Tuesday, November 1st.  A Life Membership in the National Garden Club was given to her by a grateful and appreciative Council.  Marcia does not know how to say "No" and we all benefit from her inability.  She is a  gifted computer whiz with graphics and design.  Her work is reflected is so many things we see-the Council Yearbook, all printed material for the two Heritage Flower Shows, the recent Judges Symposium, name tags for various functions, etc.  Currently, Marcia is working with the Durham Library to computerize our old Council Garden Club material to preserve it and to make it more accessible.  She puts this blog online, making the site user friendly.  Design and computer help needed, she is Our Go-To Girl!

She is a tireless worker on many projects, heading up the Pointsetta Project at the VA Chapel, helping others with genealogy questions, participating in the local          Chapter of the DAR,and  serving on the State Finance Committee. Marcia is not just a chief, she is also an indian.No task is too small for her.

Marcia's interest in history lead her to head the kitchen garden project at Stagville.  During the course of her work on the garden, she discovered original varieties of plants that were used  in the garden.  She updated the garden plant book used there.  Pictures of the plants, their use and location in the garden invigorated the work, making it more accessible and user-friendly.   Marcia also developed a skit explaining how herbs were used to houseclean in 1800. Her wide-ranging interests benefit our garden club community.

Thank you, Marcia!


I am head of  Council Achievement Awards and I would like to remind you that (a) the First Place Award has been increased to $50.00 so (b) please get your application to me by March 31st.  I know the Club year runs from June 15th to June 15th but you have planned your activities and projects a year in advance, you know your Club capabilities, so you can do it!  Submit that application.  My empty mailbox is waiting your application. The First Place Award is bigger than every.  A First Place Award is there for the highest scoring small, medium and large club.  Get that Award.

Things to Do:

The 9th District Board Meeting was held recently in revitalized Mebane.  If you did not attend the meeting but heard all the accolades about it and the town, now is your chance to see what they were talking about.  The Mebane Historical Society is offering Harvest Home Tour, Sunday, November 13th.  Historically significant homes from pre-Civil War to Greek Revival, to the first home in Mebane to have running water are opening their doors for you.    Whether you are a history buff, thinking about restoring an old home or just looking for an entertaining family dayout, check out the tour and the "new" Mebane. There is lot on offer.  Garden Clubbers will especially enjoy the delightful plantings at the library and throughout downtown Mebane. Call 919-563-5054 for ticket information.

Food Related Events:

The heavy duty  cooking season is fast approaching.  Molly Stevens author of All about Roasting: a New Approach to a Classic Art will be at MacIntyre's Books Saturday, November 19 at 11 am.  Rumor has it that not only will she be discussing her new book but she is bringing something roasted to sample.

December 10th at 11am brings Lynn Rossetto Kasper of public radio's The Splendid Table to McIntyre's.  Her new book focuses on weekend cooking(or when we just want to cook for the sensory experience ) .  The Splendid Table's How to Eat Weekends offers not only 100 new recipes, a chapter devoted to international menus plus a trove of stories.  Come hear this member of Who's Who of Food and Beverage in America and host of your favorite public radio food program.

A Family Event:

Out of town visitors, especially young family members, coming to visit in December?  Bring them to The Barn at Fearrington  to hear  nationally known Outer Banks story teller, Donald Davis Saturday, December 17th at 11 am and Sunday, December 18th at 2pm.  Davis stimulates and wraps his spell around you as he weaves his tales.  He encourages you to tell your own tales and preserve them.  The last time he came to Fearrington the response was overwhelming so the event has been moved to The Barn and is now  2 days.  No tickets are required for this Free Event but admission is on a first come, first in the door basis. Call Pete at 919-542-3030 for further information.

After you hear Donald Davis, stroll into the bookstore to see the room especially designed for children through young adults.  The range of books and gift items from the stuffed animals hanging from the tree in the middle of the room to the monster size, brightly colored chenille pipe cleaners for making animals to assorted gift items will solve your gift problems for those children on your list.  This room is a kid "freak-out"!  Everyone will enjoy seeing the Belted Galloway cows and the fainting pygmy goats.  It's a great day out in the country, no matter what your age or interest.

Table Decoration Idea:

Place a runner or piece of unusual fabric in the center of your table.  Alternate apples or pears with votive candles down the middle of the fabric.  Be certain to include red fruit.   Tuck in pieces of seeded eucalyptus. You can also use evergreens and strew mixed nuts still in their shell around and about the fruit and greenery.


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