Friday, October 21, 2011

Ardith's Jottings:

While most of us are reading gardening catalogs,  putting our gardens to bed for the winter, let me give you something to look forward to before they erupt with new life in the Spring and require our attention.

The Philadelphia Flower Show presents Hawaii in "Islands of Aloha" March 4 -March 11, 2012.  It focuses on the spirit, the dramatic landscapes and the fiery volcanoes of the Aloha state.  Everyone should see this show once in their life.  Check the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society website for additional information. Note:  Rosemary Harris, the mystery writing Master Gardener, whose recent  book Slugfest I reviewed earlier, has volunteered for the past 11 years at this show.

Another great show is the Boston Flower Show presented by Massachusetts Horticulture Society March 14-18,2012.  The theme this year is "First Impressions".  Carrying out that theme will be the host of HGTV' Curb Appeal.  Cooking demonstrations, flower demonstrations  and gardening workshops will be presented.  So if you are headed for New England, plan to visit this show.

Locally, well, its really in the extended local area, is the Maymont Foundation Flower and Garden Show February 9-12, 2012 at the Richmond Convention Center.  The ticket is a 2 for 1 special.  Not only will you see this Flower and Garden Show with outstanding landscape exhibits, the latest in horticulture and gardens, plus seminars and a Garden Marketplace that will make you want to buy everything you see, admission to the Richmond Home Show is included!  The Marketplace has flowers, plants, books, jewelry, tools, containers and wearables goodies for working in the garden and for going out to lunch with the ladies.   The Home Show will entice you and stimulate you with ideas to perk up your home for Spring and Summer.  A visit to this show is a great ladies day out event.

I am always looking for new containers- floral design is a passion. So I am delighted to discover  3 places that have some unusual items. While not necessarily floral containers, these are good sources for the different and the creative.  Check out Chiasso at and for gimmicky containers go to look at Country House Floral  for bases, mechanics, tools, accessories, sculptures and flower holders.  Remember Ikea and garage and estate sales.  

If you do flowers for your church, you may be interested in the Flower Arranging Seminar for Holy Spaces presented by the Altar Guild of the Washington National Cathedral.  This is a 5 day seminar which includes room in the Cathedral College on the Cathedral grounds, board, instruction, workshop materials, flower clippers and flowers. Registration is limited to 24 participants.  They hope to have students from across the country.  The website is

Do you have trouble with wilting blooms?  Do your flowers need perking up?  Well, according to the January 2000 issue of Harvard Men's Health Watch,a team at the University of Bristol and David Domoney, speaker at the 2009 Chelsea Flower Show, who said " It is an expensive way to stiffen blooms -but it really works", a helpful tip for flower arranging competionion entrants.  The same chemical, nitirc oxide, which stimulates the free flow of blood through the body, helps water be better absorbed and retained by plants.  It can double the life of cut flowers, keeping them fresh for a week longer than normal.  This is the same nitric oxide that increases the shelf life of strawberries, broccoli, legumes and other perishables.  According to researchers, it only takes 1mg of Viagra to keep 2 vases of flowers perky.  Isn't science wonderful? 

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