Monday, September 26, 2011

NEW website at State Garden Club

The Garden Clubs of NC has a total new site.  Most of what was in the Gardener is now online.
If you don't have your password, your president can get them at the District Meetings. You will need the password to get into the MEMBERS ONLY area where all the important information is located..

The link is over to the left  in "Links of Interest"  Give it a click and surf the site.

If you need the password before you get it from your president, you can contact me and I have
it for you.  Marcia L at Heritage GC is where you will find my phone or e-mail (in Council yearbook)

Look the site over, I think you will find it exciting and of great value to us all.  We will be able to
post our club events etc to the District 9 pages.  There are rules on doing this and it will be addressed at the District 9 meeting in Mebane  Oct 18.

Heritage will have a small standard flower show and if you are interested in participating contact
Ardith at Heritage GC or Marcia also at Heritage.  There are a few spots still open in the design
areas and we would love to have you show off your garden with some samples of your horticulture.
We can send you a schedule and answer any questions you might have.  Come and join us in
the fun.

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