Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bay Laurel 2009 Herb of the Year

Bay was first an herb of poets, but also of oracles, warriors, statesmen and doctors. The leaves were made into wreaths for illustrious poets (thus the term poet laureate) and the ancients used the leaves to crown heroes. Bay laurel was the symbol of wisdom, both acquired and intuitive. Laurus nobilis is believed to derive from the Celtic word laur, meaning green, and the Latin nobilis, signifying noble. Baccalaureate is from the Latin for laurel berries, which were given to Greek students of the classical period.

Read more: http://www.herbcompanion.com/cooking/2009-herb-of-the-year-bay-laurus-nobilis.aspx?page=2#ixzz1AkEjSvrR

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