Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to the Durham Council of Garden Clubs

It is March and spring will come some day but with the snow now is the time for the blog to begin.
This will be the place where the dates of interest and activities will be posted and we hope you will share the photos of your activities for the rest of the 13 clubs. This is where you can acknowledge a member who has given, share your fun, ask questions about what is going on and invite others of the Council to your meetings and events. You just e-mail Marcia at jloudonatncdotrrdotcom. As this blog is open to the world I will not print any last names or e-mails but refer you to the council yearbook for the details. I will refer to someone as EX: Marcia-Heritage or Janet-Crosadaile.
When new information is posted to the blog the presidents of each club will be e-mailed. Please tell your membership about the blog. There will be a place to comment on each post.

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